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A collection of great vids

1) The Federal Reserve system, the takeover of the Banking system, and the Rothschilds
The Money Masters video, by Bill Still and Pat Carmack, gives a history of how the European and American the banking system are being taken over.
It sometimes appears on google video:
If that link fails, just search for it:
The 3.5 hour, double DVD set is only $20 and shipping is included:
Compare the Money Masters video to Aaron Russo's film, "Freedom to Fascism". Who is really trying to educate you about the banking system, and who is trying to divert attention away from the Rothschilds and onto the Americans who work at the IRS? Who is trying to help you understand the corruption, and who is trying to frighten you with stories of the "New World Order"? Which of these videos would you recommend for students?

You can watch Russo's film here (new link):
The Money Masters DVDs are worth buying, and is even useful for college students, whereas Russo's video is evidence that Russo works with criminals.
We also have a timeline for the Rothschilds and for the Money Changers.
Note: don't ask Bill Still about 9/11; as of 2006 he continues to believe (or at least support) the official story. Don't ask us what his problem is.
We are in a battle of intelligence, so if you can't see the deception, you will be taken advantage of over and over. Try to notice the pattern that the people who promote Aaron Russo also deceive you about the Rothchilds, 9/11, the World Wars, Zionism, and other crimes by Israelis and Zionists.
For example, here is a mp3 audio excerpt of Aaron Russo and Bill Deagle 470 kb
We also have a short video of Dr. Bill Deagle that you should watch to help you understand Deagle, Russo, and other "truth seekers":

Russo claims that the most powerful man in the world is David Rockefeller. It is hour #2 of 26 Oct 2006 on the RBN radio show with Bill Deagle.
Can you see the pattern of how the people who get publicity try to shift the blame away from the Rothschilds and the Zionists and onto somebody else? Please consider that David Rockefeller is expendable to the Zionists — and he is about to die anyway. The CFR is also expendable, also, as we explain here. Anybody who gets publicity by Zionists is either a Zionist, or one of their Useful Idiots. As children would say, Duh!
At LibertyForum is this message about Aaron Russo's possible connections to Dov Zakheim.
Click here for our interview with Bill Still and Pat Carmack.
Carmack has a webpage with what appears to be the text to Part 1 of the 2-part video:

2) Three of the five dancing Israelis
One of the Israelis says they were filming the attack on 9/11 because "Our purpose was to document the event." 
The wars and terrorist attacks of the 20th century are staged events to create Israel and conquer the Goyim nations. Naturally, the Israelis want accurate documentation of their work. (37 seconds)
ForBollynsSpeech11Nov2006_DancingIsraelis.wmv  2.4 mb
Americans celebrate the revolution of 1776; why shouldn't Israel celebrate the King David bombing, WW1, WW2, the attack on the USS Liberty, 9/11, and all other acts that helped to establish Israel? The winners write the history. If you don't like it, don't be a loser.
Bollyn has an article that mentions these dancing Israelis and more:
3) Pedophilia in the government
The "The Conspiracy of Silence" video is low quality, but it shows a small part of the issue of Pedophilia in the government:
Here is another copy of the same video:
For more info about the Franklin Coverup scandal and the blackmail:
We also have two  interviews with John DeCamp, who wrote The Franklin Cover-up:
4) The Oppenheimer's control of diamonds
This is a video from NPR (National Public Radio), so they don't expose the connection between the Oppenheimers and Zionism, but it has a lot of good information on the control of diamonds, and how they fooled women into craving diamonds:
For more information on the connection between the Oppenheimers, Bronfmans, Armand Hammer, and the Rothschilds, try this article about the Zionists in control of the media:

5) Jewish woman says murder rituals really happen
A Jewish professor claims that Jews murdered Christians for their blood in the Middle Ages so it could be used in rituals.
A Jewish woman in America, Vicky Polin, claimed on the Oprah television show in 1989 that murder rituals still occur in her family! Video at this page (4 minutes):
A direct link to the video is here:
After watching that video, you might enjoy this page:
6) Eustace Mullins exposes Zionists
Mullins explains that the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, drafted by Paul Warburg and others in a secret meeting, World War I, the Agricultural Depression of 1920, the depression of 1929, and Adolf Hitler were brought about by international banking interests; ie, the Zionists (1.5 hours): (new link, previous video was deleted)

7) Peter Kawaja exposes Joyce Riley
The video quality is low, but with the mysterious disappearance of the Bollyns, it is important to understand the Zionist tricks. You can listen to Joyce Riley pretend to have a romantic interest in Peter Kawaja (who also seems to have disappeared a few years ago!) This is the same Joyce Riley who works with Dave von Kleist of The PowerHour radio show.
The Zionists may fake romantic interest in you; they may pretend to be your friend; they may offer you help when you need it. However, it's all a trick to gain your trust, and then they either watch you and pass information on to others, or they set you up by themselves. Please take this issue seriously.
You don't have to watch all of this, but at least listen to the first 20 minutes where she pretends to be in love with Peter Kawaja:
Here is a speech Peter Kawaja gave before he realized Joyce Riley was a Zionist agent:
8) Two Israelis complain about IDF
Every military has people who don't approve of what they are told to do. These two men don't seem to realize that Zionism requires the type of killings they were told to do.
9) Dr. Morgan Reynolds on Fox News
He promotes the nonsense that the airplanes that crashed into the towers were illusions created by the television studios.
Why is the media and other "truth seekers" giving this liar so much publicity? Is this an attempt to make 9/11 investigators look crazy? (3.5 minutes)
If you can't figure out which of the 9/11 "truth seekers" to listen to, you will end up following the liars. 
10) Carl Cameron investigation of Israeli spies
Since this report is coming from a Zionist media company, they try to twist the story to make is appear as if the Israelis were spying on the evil Arabs terrorists who did 9/11.
Cameron's program is what we refer to as "damage control". Try to learn from it so you don't get fooled.
www.youtube.com/watch?v=LecYbWM5Oao  (new link)
Cameron talks about Comverse Technology. Bollyn has an article on Comverse and related issues:
Bollyn has an article on the Israeli connection to 9/11:
11) Orthodox Jews protest Zionism
A non-Orthodox Jew argues with them. (3 minutes)
Here is Rabbi Weiss interviewed on Fox news:
That video can be useful to you when somebody claims you're an anti-semite, or when they don't believe you when you tell them that some Jews oppose Zionism and Israel
Also, let people know about the Jews against Zionism, and tell people that these Jews are complaining that Zionists were involved with the Nazis. It is difficult for a Goy to make this accusation to the typical uninformed person because most people immediately respond that we are anti-Semites, so use this as an introduction to the issue that the Zionist Jews were working with the Nazis and manipulating world war 2 in order to create Israel:
This page has some very good information, also:
For example, look at this remark:
"Hateful views of Jews as being subhuman did not have to be invented by Nazi theorists such as Hitler, Goebbels, Rosenberg and Streicher. This ideology was simply adapted from statements of political Zionists..."

  12) The Kosher tax
Have you heard about the fees paid for the Kosher label on products?
Imagine if Catholics, pagans, Mormons, and homosexuals were also demanding to be paid for their special certifications. Will the goyim ever stand up to the abuse?
Click here for one article on this scam, and here is another.
13) Paul McCartney reacts to John Lennon's murder
This video was from 1980, when John Lennon was murdered. Check out this site for evidence that Lennon's murderer was another Lee Oswald.
Was McCartney's lack of concern due to shock? Or was it because this site is correct that he really did die in that traffic accident of 1966 and was replaced by somebody else?
It is not easy to believe such a wild theory, but it would explain a lot about the Beatles, such as why they abruptly stopped doing live performances, and why they ended up fighting with Paul McCartney.
One of our listeners wrote about the mysterious death of Jim Morrison:
14) "The Weather Underground"
This video comes from mainstream television, so don't expect the truth, but they provide some information about the terrorist group called the Weather Underground.
These terrorists got away with a lot of violence. Today we would suspect that they were secretly working with the Federal Bureau of Israel (FBI).
15) "The Lost Year In Iraq"
If you don't watch much television you may not understand why most people are so misinformed. Here is PBS Frontline propaganda from October 2006 about the Iraq war. This is the type of material the Liberals and Democrats watch:
This can help you understand why the Liberals believe that George Bush and a few "Neocons" and Republicans are the sole cause of the worlds problems.
If you want more PBS propaganda:
16) The Philosophy of Zionism and Israel
How Zionism has transformed the Middle East into a battlezone. (37 minutes)
Click here for the youtube video
Or select from the videos at their site:
www.harunyahya.com videos
17) Matisyahu; a Lubavitch rapper
He sings Zionist songs for... your children?
This is his appearance on a television show.
(2 minutes)
Click here for the youtube video
We have an article about why he is getting so much promotion:


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