Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A collection of great vids

1) The Federal Reserve system, the takeover of the Banking system, and the Rothschilds
The Money Masters video, by Bill Still and Pat Carmack, gives a history of how the European and American the banking system are being taken over.
It sometimes appears on google video:
If that link fails, just search for it:
The 3.5 hour, double DVD set is only $20 and shipping is included:
Compare the Money Masters video to Aaron Russo's film, "Freedom to Fascism". Who is really trying to educate you about the banking system, and who is trying to divert attention away from the Rothschilds and onto the Americans who work at the IRS? Who is trying to help you understand the corruption, and who is trying to frighten you with stories of the "New World Order"? Which of these videos would you recommend for students?